R U OK? Day Fundraiser

Over the last few years, there has been a noticeable growing awareness in Australia of the impact of mental health on our personal, social and economic well-being. This has been assisted by a number of things, including social media and the Australian Government’s LIFE Framework.

An American academic theorised that someone at risk of suicide feels a number of forces, including that they’re a burden on others, and a feeling of disconnection. R U OK? is a not for profit organisation, founded in Australia in 2009, by Gavin Larkin who lost his own father to suicide. The aim of the organisation is to prevent suicide and encourage people to connect with friends, family, colleagues and others. They encourage the use of the organisation’s simple slogan, to make people stop and ask those around them, R U OK?, and encourage conversation around their current mental health.

R U OK? day is held on the second Thursday of September. In 2018, we ran our first R U OK? fundraiser, which had amazing support by our customers and general public. Our delicious Mini Chocolate Muffins were decorated with an edible R U OK? image. Our pastrycooks were kept very busy keeping up with orders. Glenroy Bakery proudly donated 50% of proceeds to the R U Ok? organisation. And our R U Ok? Muffins were delivered throughout Melbourne to encourage discussion of mental health and encouraging people to connect with those around them.

"R U OK? is a charity encouraging everyone to meaningfully connect with the people around them and support anyone struggling with life. For conversation tips and help-seeking information, please visit www.ruok.org.au"

RUOK? Day Fundraiser Melbourne | Glenroy Bakery
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