Wholesale Bread Supplier

As a trusted wholesale bread supplier in Melbourne we specialise in preparing a diverse range of freshly baked breads, including: white, wholemeal, multigrain, rye and fruit loaves. Plus, we also offer a great range of wholesale buns and bread rolls.

We act as wholesale bread suppliers to a host of local Melbourne businesses such as school canteens, factory canteens, take-away shops, and a broad collection of cafes.

Whether you’re looking for bread wholesalers to accommodate your daily bread requirements or special events, our dedicated customer service staff are here to help. To become a wholesale customer of Glenroy Bakery please contact us on (03) 9312 8600 or info@glenroybakery.com.au

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White Bread


Wholemeal Bread

Wholesale Wholemeal Bread Melbourne | Glenroy Bakery

Multigrain Bread


Rye Bread

Wholesale Rye Bread Melbourne | Glenroy Bakery

Sourdough Loaf

Fruit Loaf


Continental Bread

Wholesale Continental Bread Melbourne | Glenroy Bakery

Bread Sticks


Gluten Free Bread

Wholesale Gluten Free Bread Melbourne | Glenroy Bakery

Lebanese Bread

Wholesale Lebanese Breads Melbourne | Glenroy Bakery