Red Nose Day Fundraiser

Red Nose Day is the major fundraiser for SIDS and Kids. SIDS and Kids is an invaluable organisation as it funds research, and provides education to the Australian community, and free bereavement support to impacted families.

The red noses used to mark Red Nose Day are a very simple image, but can have the impact of making us feel emotional for children and families that we have never met. While death is a natural part of life, the death of a child is particularly heartbreaking. We can’t help but feel empathy for the families that have suddenly and unexpectedly lost a child to miscarriage, stillbirth or SIDS. For this reason, Red Nose Day understandably has great support throughout Australia and is a fundraiser particularly close to our hearts.

Glenroy Bakery has proudly run a number of Red Nose Day fundraisers to support SIDS and Kids. Red Nose Day is held on the last Friday in June, so on this day Glenroy Bakery decorates colourful and delicious iced cup cakes with red noses. We use choc malt balls as red noses so our red noses are also edible!  50% of proceeds from the sale of our Red Nose Day Cup Cakes are donated to SIDS and Kids. The Red Nose Day Cup Cakes are sold to our customers and so are found in cafes, canteens and kitchens throughout Melbourne on Red Nose Day. We have always been pleasantly surprised by the support of our customers on Red Nose Day.

Kids eating Red Nose Day Cup Cakes baked by Glenroy Bakery
Red Nose Cup Cakes Melbourne | Glenroy Bakery