Hot Food Specifications

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Beef Pastie 200g Net

Beef Pie 190g Net

Cheese & Spinach Log 150g

Chicken Pie 190g Net

Curry Pie 190g Net

Halal Beef Pastie 200g Net

Halal Beef Pie 190g Net

Jumbo Sausage Roll 190g Net

Mini Beef Pie 12x50g 600g Net

Mini Cheese & Spinach Log 500g Net

Mini Sausage Rolls 600g Net

Mini Vegetable Pasties 1.2Kg Net

Party (Meat & Vegetable) Pasties 1.2kg Net

Pepper Steak Pie 190g Net

Potato Pie 250g Net

Sausage Roll 130g Net

Steak & Bacon Pie 190g Net

Steak & Mushroom Pie 190g Net

Steak & Onion Pie 190g Net

Steak Cheese & Bacon Pie 190g Net

Vegetable Pastie 200g Net

Wholemeal Vegetable Pastie 190g Net