Sweet Pastry

Our massive range of sweet pastries is sure to impress dessert lovers of all ages.

As a premium wholesale pastry supplier we specialise in producing a wide variety of sweet pastries and mini pastries, including: croissants, chocolate croissants, a wide variety of fruit danish, Boston buns, plus a whole lot more.

At Glenroy Bakery we’re sure to satisfy your sweet tooth with our wide selection of tasty treats, including our delicious range of wholesale muffins and wholesale donuts. So whether you’re looking for a wholesale pastry suppliers to supply stock for your school canteen, or you’re a Melbourne cafe in need of desserts to tickle your customers’ taste buds, our friendly customer service staff are waiting to hear from you. Contact us today on (03) 9312 8600 or info@glenroybakery.com.au.

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Wholesale Escargot Pastry Melbourne | Glenroy Bakery

Fruit Danishes

Wholesale Fruit Danishes Melbourne | Glenroy Bakery


Wholesale Croissant Melbourne | Glenroy Bakery

Choc Croissant

Wholesale Choc Croissant Melbourne | Glenroy Bakery

French Scroll

Wholesale French Scroll Melbourne | Glenroy Bakery

Coffee Scroll

Wholesale Coffee Scroll Melbourne | Glenroy Bakery