Buns and Rolls

From our simple, everyday white bread rolls to our nutritious multigrain plaits, we have bread rolls and wholesale buns to suit all occasions.

At Glenroy Bakery we offer a great range of freshly baked bread rolls wholesale, including a host of different multigrain, white, wholemeal, and turkish options, as well as our much loved bacon & cheese rolls.

As one of Melbourne’s most beloved bread wholesalers, we make sure that all of our bread products are made fresh daily. We have a long and rich tradition of supplying Melbourne businesses with a diverse range of wholesale buns and bread rolls, all of which are prepared on site at our Glenroy factory.

If you wish to become a wholesale customer of Glenroy Bakery, please contact our customer service staff on (03) 9312 8600 or info@glenroybakery.com.au.

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Brioche Buns

Potato Rolls

Long Rolls

Long Rolls

Round Rolls

Round Rolls

Ciabatta Rolls

Whole Ciabatta Rolls Melbourne | Glenroy Bakery

Multigrain Rolls

Wholesale Multigrain Rolls Melbourne | Glenroy Bakery

Flavoured Rolls


Mini Rolls

Mini Rolls 2

Savoury Scrolls

Wholesale Scrolls Melbourne | Glenroy Bakery

Bespoke Rolls

Wholesale Bespoke Rolls Melbourne | Glenroy Bakery