6 School FUNdraising Ideas That are Easy to Organise and Profitable.

There’s something special about a fundraiser. The community comes together, the rides go up, and those delicious strawberry and cream-type treats are dished up (with cardboard utensils, of course). 

Think back to your old school or sports club. Fundraisers are one of the best ways to put on an entertaining event that makes money. It might be to raise funds for a new classroom building, gym facilities or even for a family in need. 

And there’s one sure-fire way to make a profit off a school fundraiser: with the food. Purchase the food items and add a margin to it. Simple! 

So, you already know you want to host an easy school fundraiser, but you haven’t settled on what kind of event it’ll be. Relax, put your feet up on that ‘haystack’ and imagine one of these fundraising ideas. 

Throw these creative fundraising ideas into the mix. 

A fete… 

This is what springs to mind when you think of a school fundraiser. Rides, homemade treats, and good old-fashioned fun. Kids selling lemonade, a bouncing castle, and lucky dips. You can open this up to the community and organise an area for food stands, game stalls, and a spot for kids to showcase their creations. To involve the students (or players in sports team), you can request for fete stall ideas, such as pre-loved clothes or book swaps. 

Oh, and showbags are totally a must (and just another one of the great ways to raise money for the school). 

A talent show… 

There’s singing, dancing, instruments, skits and a whole lot of laughs, at talent shows. Get every year level involved (and all grades if you’re a sports club). You can sell tickets to the talent show and create prizes for the winner and runners up. Make a day of it, with food and fun, with the main attraction being the talent. 

School Kids Gathering For A Fundraiser

An ‘Amazing Race’… 

Get your guests to work up an appetite (and eat lots of yummy treats for purchase) by planning an Amazing Race/Tough Mudder-type outdoor obstacle course. This is a fun race around the school campus (or on a sports oval) and you can accept dollar entry donations. Plan both individual and group races, with little stands along the sidelines for parents, with snacks. It’s the most unique school fundraising ideas in this list. 

Kids School Fundraising

A movie night… 

Can you think of a better setting than a sports field for a movie night? Start the event mid-afternoon and have the gorgeous setting sun as the backdrop. Serve finger foods, like pies and sausage rolls, as well as treats like mini donuts and popcorn. Sell ‘movie tickets’ for $10 and include a free bag of popcorn. 

A BBQ & band… 

Nothing beats a classic snag and no fundraiser is quite complete without a barbie. Open the event up to the wider community, not just your school or sports club. That tempting, nostalgic ‘backyard barbie’ smell will attract guests and foot traffic. Put on a spread of treats (perfect for bakery food) and organise the school band to kick off the event. Consider a line-up of artists from the local community to turn this into an all-day celebration. Entry can be free, but you can charge $2 per snag. It’s a high-profit fundraiser for schools and a great way to spread the spirit of your community. 

A trivia night… 

You’re never too old for trivia. It’s a fun, entertaining way to bring families together and put on a show. Encourage people to play by creating awesome prizes for winning teams. If you’d like to involve the wider community, consider asking local restaurants and businesses to donate vouchers and discounts for the participants. 

The students can walk around selling finger food, while the teams ‘battle’ to recall the lyrics to the Friends theme song. 

There’s really no limit when it comes to fundraisers. Be creative, think outside the box, and use these ideas as inspiration to design your own fantastic FUNdraiser. 

Free samples, anyone? Yes, please! 

Before your next committee meeting, we can organise free samples so you can do a taste test-run. We require you to pick them up from the bakery, but this is a good opportunity to see our bakery (and how far fundraiser food has come since the standard boxes of chocolates). 

Just think, mouth-watering mini donuts, chocolate block cake, banana bread, party pies, pizzas, meat pies, and sausage rolls. 

Freshly Bakes Pizza
Freshly Baked Pizza For A Fundraiser At Glenroy Bakery

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You can almost smell the sweet waft of hot donuts, can’t you?