Make Mother’s Day even more special this year, because she deserves it.

Mums are the superheros of every household. The heart, the carer, the cook, the orchestrator, the organiser, the comfort. And often, a worker and a career woman, too. It’s hard to fathom just how much Mums do and no family would be the same without her. 

This Mother’s Day, these women need to know how special they are. After the long, stressful year we’ve all had, celebrating her is more important than ever. 

The best Mother’s Day gift ideas (to make you the favourite child) 

Stuck for ideas on how to make this day sentimental for her? Take a moment to reflect on the things she loves the most. Would she prefer a spa morning to herself or a Mother-Daughter (or Mother-Son) surprise day out? Has she been talking about going to see a show or a new skincare brand she’s loving? 

Maybe she’s getting into yoga and she’d love to do a class together. Is she all about spending time with the grandchildren? Plan a backyard Mother’s Day-themed barbeque, with the kids running around, and a gift basket of all her favourite things. 

Think about whether she’s a practical or more of a sentimental type of person, and tailor your gift accordingly. From brunches to day trips, flowers and jewellery, to pamper sessions and keepsakes, Mum is always easy to buy for. She always loves anything that her kids get her. That’s just how mothers are. 

Celebrating Mums, since 1924 

The tradition of shining light on Mums began in 1924, when a Sydney woman coined the tradition because she wanted to help the lonely, elderly mothers at a hospital she visited. She asked schools to donate gifts to the women, many of whom had become widowed from the World War I. And the celebration stuck, year after year. Today, Mother’s Day is also a good opportunity to help support women’s causes. 

Every country has their own unique way of honouring mums. In the west, Mother’s Day typically includes flowers, a card, gifts, and family time. In Brazil, it includes special children’s performances and church gatherings, which extend into large multi-generational barbeques. 

Mothers are revered in Japanese culture and kids help take care of household chores and organise a special family meal. In Ethiopia, Mother’s Day is part of a three-day festival dedicated to women. Daughters bring traditional food and set the stage for singing and dancing. While in India, the culture reflects on the importance of mothers and the sacrifices they’ve made. The ‘divine mother’, however, is formally admired during a 10-day festival called Durga Puja in October. 

Mother’s Day, 2021 

One of the best ways to celebrate the woman of the house is through food. Get a feel for how she wants to spend her day and have her (and the rest of your immediate family) over for a Mother’s Day breakfast, lunch or dinner. The time of the day will determine the menu you create, so agree on a time first. Consider where you’ll enjoy the food, the weather and temperature, and ambience you want to create. 

There are endless recipes you can draw inspiration from for your Mother’s Day menu. If it’s a lunch celebration, opt for a lighter menu such as roasted salmon with asparagus and potatoes or a spring vegetable and goat cheese tart. For dinner, creations like creamy lemon parmesan chicken, mushroom risotto, and linguine with clams are sure to impress. 

Chances are, though, spending quality time together is all she wants. Delicious food and a cheeky glass of wine are just a bonus. And dessert. You can’t forget the dessert. We have the perfect idea for the follow-up sweet treat.

Every year, our bakers create a special Mother’s Day muffin to spoil her. Our ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ mini muffins come in a pack of six and are the perfect way to say I love you. A Mother’s Day gift basket of muffins. 

Special Mother’s Day Muffins by Glenroy Bakery Melbourne

As a wholesale bakery in Melbourne, we supply to the general public (families like yours) and to schools and business canteens, hospitals, aged care facilities, sports clubs, stadiums, bakeries, convenience stores, and caterers. 

You can order your Mother’s Day mini muffins online, call (03) 9312 8600, email or use this contact form.  The only hard part is trying not to eat these muffins before you see her. 

She’s going to love every bite.