The ‘Personality’ Of Our Cakes & Slices

Wondering which cakes and slices best suit your celebration or event? Try matching the personality to the sweet treat, with our strictly-just-for-fun Wholesale Cakes Personality Finder. It’s not easy to choose out of these bakery products, but this should help. 

The Lemon Slice 

Neat freak. Has two strictly indoor-only oriental cats. In the kitchen, there’s a selection of colour-coded chopping boards for different purposes. Give this person the job of cutting up a birthday cake, and you’ll be sure everyone will get an even slice. 

Lemon Slice Cake

Peppermint Hedgehog Slice

Delightfully surprising. Loves bright colours and attention. The one that you’re not sure if you’ll like but you do – in moderation, of course. The kind of person you want to bring to a party as a conversation-starter. 

Caramel Slice

A classic that never goes out of style. The perfect amount of sweetness. Understands exactly what pairs well together. You know exactly what you’re going to get but it’s never boring. 

Custard Tart 

Wholesome, comforting, enjoys alone time. The ‘every now and then’ friend, ideal for a once in a while hangout. It’s always an extraordinary experience. No need to overdo it.

Freshly baked Custard Tart from Glenroy Bakery Melbourne


Soft, gentle, and consistent character. Nothing over the top. Simple does it. An essential +1 for every event.

The Cupcake 

A bit commitment-shy. Wears pastel colours. Carries a secret journal whose contents are only divulged to the moon. Warms up after enough sugar intake, makes an excellent and loyal best friend, and writes the best birthday cards.

The Individually Wrapped Cakes 

A traditionalist. Chooses substance over style. Has an extensive vinyl record collection and insists the sound is superior to digital. Knows the opening hours of the local library and always has several books on reserve. On a special occasion, may go wild and indulge in a second slice of cake.

The Donut

Fun, the social butterfly. This is the person who organises all the group parties, but doesn’t hang around afterwards to clean up. Fortunately, they order lots of finger food so there’s not much mess. Might cancel plans at the last minute because the surf’s up. Has gone for a midnight ride in a shopping trolley.

Freshly baked Iced Donut Rings from Glenroy Bakery Melbourne

The Muffin 

Pleasure-seeker. Celebrates their own ‘birthday week’ with a series of activities. Plays a team sport, and organises themed iced donuts for the team’s end of year celebrations. Would really rather you didn’t ask for a taste of their muffin, you can get your own.

The Cookie

Generous and loves to share. Has adopted at least one rescue dog or cat. May talk your ear off about the ups and downs of their recent DIY project. Remembers the names of all their neighbors. No meal is complete without a little something sweet.

The Sweet Pastry 

A little bit fancy. Wouldn’t leave the house in trackie dacks unless actually exercising. Don’t talk to them until they’ve had their morning coffee. Swims laps or takes dance classes for fitness. Would love to meet you for (another) coffee and know all the best cafés.

Your local wholesale bakery in Melbourne 

So, which cake or slice are you? In all honesty, you can’t go wrong with any of these treats. And with our wholesale bakery prices, you can have your cake and eat it too. 

Use our general public sales shop to buy your wholesale cakes and slices online or or speak with our team to place a larger order. After trying one, you’ll realise you’re going to need more than you think.