Top 10 Must Try Foods for Christmas Celebrations

Christmas is a time for togetherness, joy, and heartwarming culinary traditions that bring families closer. It’s a season where the aroma of delectable festive dishes fills the air, creating a symphony of flavours that ignite the spirit of the holidays. From traditional roasts to decadent desserts, food plays a central role in many Christmas celebrations around the world.

If you’re planning your Christmas feast, embark on a culinary adventure with these 10 delectable dishes that will make your celebration truly unforgettable:

  1. Roasted Turkey
    Roast turkey holds a special place at Christmas feasts, carrying historical significance dating back centuries. Traditionally linked to 16th-century England, it symbolises abundance and togetherness during the holidays. 

    A classic for a reason, the roasted turkey is a centrepiece at any Christmas feast. Juicy, tender, and full of flavour, it’s a dish that brings everyone together. Pair it with a variety of sides, and you’ve got a meal fit for a king.
Roasted Turkey
  1. Ham
    Ham is another popular choice for Christmas dinner, and it’s no wonder. No Christmas is complete without a succulent ham, glazed to perfection.

    It’s a juicy, flavorful meat that’s sure to please even the pickiest eaters. Its sweet and savoury notes make it a hit among all age groups, ensuring your festive spread is both traditional and tasty. Plus, there are endless ways to glaze or sauce your ham, so you can customise it to your taste.
  1. Seafood Platter
    Add a touch of elegance to your Christmas dining with a seafood platter. Loaded with fresh prawns, oysters, and more, it’s a refreshing change from the usual festive fare.

    Adorned with an array of ocean bounties, showcase the pristine flavours of the Australian coastline with this culinary masterpiece. Whether it’s the succulent sweetness of prawns, the briny elegance of oysters, or the delicate texture of scallops, each morsel is a testament to the country’s rich marine heritage.
Seafood Platter
Seafood Platter
  1. Pavlova
    A culinary icon that has graced Aussie Christmas tables for generations, Pavlova is a meringue-based confection that elevates dessert to an art form. Light, airy, and topped with fresh fruits, Pavlova is a dessert that’s as delightful to eat as it is to look at. 

    Its sweet meringue base and creamy topping are a treat for the taste buds. Its airy, crisp exterior gives way to a soft, pillowy centre, providing the perfect canvas for a vibrant tapestry of fresh fruits. Strawberries, kiwifruit, passionfruit, and mango dance in harmony, their tangy sweetness complemented by the rich creaminess of whipped cream.
  1. Christmas Pudding
    This dense, fruity dessert, enriched with brandy or rum, holds profound symbolic importance in Christmas customs. It’s a slice of Christmas history on your plate. Originating from mediaeval England as a porridge-like dish, it now boasts diverse regional adaptations with ingredients like dried fruits, nuts, and spices. 

    Typically served aflame, this pudding embodies joy and unity, a cherished tradition gracing Christmas tables.
Christmas Pudding
Christmas Pudding
  1. Eggnog Drink
    Eggnog, a velvety blend of eggs, milk, sugar, and spirits, is a cherished part of Christmas celebrations. This creamy, spiced drink is a holiday staple.

    Originating from England, it has evolved with unique regional flavours like cinnamon, nutmeg, or bourbon. Eggnog’s rich texture and warming spices make it the perfect beverage to sip on a chilly Christmas evening. 

    Symbolising warmth and cheer during the season, Eggnog is shared as a toast to joy and camaraderie at festive gatherings.
Eggnog Drink
Eggnog Drink
  1. Gingerbread Cookies
    Gingerbread, with its delightful aroma and warm spices, embodies the essence of Christmas. These spiced, sweet treats are not just delicious but also fun to decorate. Gingerbread cookies bring a touch of whimsy to your festive treats. 

    From intricate houses to adorable cookies, this versatile treat has been part of festive celebrations for centuries. Its sweet and spicy flavour pairs perfectly with festive decorations, inviting families for joyful baking sessions and creative culinary expressions.
Gingerbread Delights
Gingerbread Cookies
  1. Christmas Salad
    Amidst the hearty fare of a Christmas feast, salads offer a much-needed balance. Fresh, vibrant, and bursting with flavours, it’s a side dish that compliments any main. 

    From the classic crunch of potato salad to the vibrant vibrancy of coleslaw, salads provide a delightful counterpoint to the richness of the main course.
Christmas Salad
Christmas Salad
  1. Mince Tart 
    The perfect embodiment of the Christmas spirit, a classic mince tart is a delightful indulgence encased in a buttery, melt-in-your-mouth pastry shell. A rich and flavorful fruit mince mixture awaits, a harmonious blend of sweet, savoury, and spiced notes that transport your senses to the heart of the festive season.

    Glenroy Bakery’s Mince Tarts capture the essence of Christmas in every bite. Their buttery pastry encases a rich, spiced fruit mince, offering a perfect blend of sweet and savoury flavours that are quintessentially festive. Find out more about our large range of Christmas products.
Mince Tarts
Freshly Baked Mince Tarts from Glenroy Bakery
  1. Mini Quiche
    Christmas lunch will often extend into Christmas afternoon tea or dinner as close family members and friends take the opportunity to spend as much time as possible with their loved ones. It’s important to keep some light and scrumptious snacks on hand to serve to cherished family and friends that linger at Christmas celebrations. Mini Quiche is the perfect light snack, providing a hearty and comforting taste while requiring little time to heat and serve. Encased in a delicious pastry crust, savoury fillings like bacon, mushroom or spinach, mingle with a creamy egg-based filling. Each bite delivers a symphony of flavours, a warm embrace that epitomises the festive season. 

    Indulge in the flavoursome range of Glenroy Bakery’s mini savoury finger food range. The wide variety of mini savoury finger foods become a heartwarming treat when served to loved ones at Christmas celebrations. Explore this savoury delight.
Mini Quiche
Freshly Baked Mini Quiche from Glenroy Bakery

Quick Tips for Making Your Christmas Dinner a Success

  • Plan ahead: Make a list of everything you need to make your Christmas dinner, and then start shopping a few weeks in advance.
  • Thaw frozen items: If you’re serving turkey or ham, make sure to thaw it in the refrigerator at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Cook low and slow: Don’t rush the cooking process. Low and slow cooking will ensure that your turkey or ham is cooked through and juicy.
  • Baste regularly: Basting your turkey or ham will help to keep it moist.
  • Let your meat rest: Once your turkey or ham is cooked, let it rest for 15-20 minutes before carving. This will allow the juices to be redistributed, resulting in a more flavorful and tender meat.
  • Make sure everything is hot: Serve your Christmas dinner with all the trimmings hot and fresh.

Celebrate with Glenroy Bakery

At Glenroy Bakery, we pride ourselves on creating foods that are not just delicious but also bring people together. This Christmas, let us be a part of your celebration with our range of baked goods, from traditional Christmas treats to award-winning pies. 

As the festive season draws to a close, share these culinary gems with loved ones, creating unforgettable moments of joy and togetherness that will last a lifetime. For exceptional baked goods that will transform your special gatherings into unforgettable culinary experiences, look no further than Glenroy Bakery. 

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