Why Do We Crave Pies in Winter?

As soon as the weather starts to turn cold, it seems like all we can think about is indulging in warm, cozy comfort food. And for many of us, nothing quite satisfies those winter cravings like a good old-fashioned pie. Baking a pie is more than just a culinary endeavor—it’s a way to create lasting memories and traditions.

Pies: A Delicious Winter Treat

As winter takes hold, one dish rises as the ultimate comfort food – the humble pie. With its perfectly flaky crust and a warm, inviting filling, a pie is a treat that’s hard to resist. After a hearty winter meal, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as digging into a delicious, hot pie, its aroma filling the air, making mouths water.

Pie isn’t just a dessert; it’s also a perfect pick-me-up on a frosty winter day. Sweet or savory, pies bring a sense of coziness and contentment that few other foods can match. Their ability to bring warmth, both literally and emotionally, truly sets pies apart, making them the perfect companion for the winter months.

Winter Pies

History of Pies

Pies have been around for centuries, and their origins can be traced back to ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians and Greeks. In medieval times, pies were a popular dish among the upper classes, who enjoyed their sweet and savory varieties alike.

As for winter pies specifically, this tradition likely got its start in northern Europe. In regions where the winters were long and harsh, it was common for people to preserve fruits and berries by baking them into pies. These pies not only helped to keep people fed during lean months, but also provided a much-needed dose of morale-boosting sweetness on cold, dark days.

Why Winter is the Perfect Season for Pies

Winter, with its crisp air and shorter days, naturally invokes a sense of warmth and closeness, further enhanced by the shared experience of savoring a hot slice of pie. It’s a season that transforms the simple act of eating pie into a cherished moment, spent in the cozy company of loved ones.

Finally, the slew of holidays that occur during the winter- from Thanksgiving to Christmas to Hanukkah to New Year’s- provide plenty of occasions to bake and share pies with others. Whether you’re contributing a pie to a family feast, or bringing a freshly baked dessert to a winter potluck, pies are a versatile and crowd-pleasing choice that are sure to delight everyone who tries them.

How Pies Warm Us During Cold Months

It’s not just the emotional and psychological benefits that make winter pies so appealing- there are also tangible ways in which pies can help to warm us up when the temperature drops. For one thing, the process of baking a pie can create a cozy warmth in the home, which is particularly welcome on grey, dreary days.

In addition to this, pies themselves can help to raise our body temperature. When we eat warm, cooked foods, our bodies have to work to digest them, which in turn generates heat. This means that even if we don’t feel particularly cold to begin with, indulging in a hot slice of pie can still provide a warming effect.

Curry and Beef Pies
Curry and Beef Pies

Winter Pie Festivals Around the World

If you’re a die-hard pie lover, why not take your appreciation to the next level by attending one of the many winter pie festivals held throughout the world each year? From the UK’s British Pie Awards, to the Pennsylvania Farm Show’s annual pie contest, to the World Pie Eating Championships held in Wigan, England, there are dozens of opportunities to indulge in all things pie during the winter season.

Here in Australia, we have the annual “The Official Great Aussie Pie Competition” which happens during our winter month of July. Even if you can’t make it to a formal festival, there’s still plenty of ways to celebrate winter pies in your own community. Host a pie potluck with friends and family, organise a neighborhood baking competition, or simply spend a cozy night in with a slice of your favorite pie and a good book or movie.

Winter Pie Pairings

Finally, no discussion of winter pies would be complete without a nod to the various beverage pairings that go perfectly with this comfort food classic. Whether you’re sipping on hot cocoa, mulled wine, a steaming mug of tea, or even just a frosty glass of milk, there’s a beverage out there that can take your winter pie experience to the next level. So whether you’re enjoying a warm slice of apple pie on a snowy evening, or digging into a meat pie while watching a game of football, be sure to take the time to appreciate all the flavors, emotions, and cultural significance that winter pies have to offer.

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Beef Pies

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