The Ultimate Christmas Day Lunch Menu That Will Satisfy Everyone

There’s always that one person in the family who springs something on the Christmas host. Aunt Joan doesn’t eat meat anymore… Jed has a plus one… Sarah’s boycotting the Aussie Christmas for Northern Hemisphere snow. 

“You don’t mind, right?” Of course, you can’t say no. That wouldn’t be very festive, would it? But that magnificent Christmas lunch menu (that will be better than the year before) takes time to perfect. 

Plan ahead, do your best to be as flexible as possible, and create a little wriggle room for surprises. Don’t leave it to the last minute. You don’t want to brave the Christmas crowds, especially in the supermarket. A race for the most succulent prawns? No, thanks. 

Find out your number & any dietary restrictions. 

Before you start planning your menu, get an idea of your numbers. Talk to your family and confirm who will be coming on Christmas Day. Call, text or email them (or if you’re really cool, send a family Christmas postcard invitation). Ask your guests if they have any dietary restrictions. They might not tell you automatically, so don’t forget to ask them. 

They might just be trying out a new eating style for a month, like no dairy or meat. You’re only going to be able to accommodate them if you know their dietary preferences, so make it a point to ask. 

Vegan and Vegetarian Food

Choose the dining location, too – whether it’s in the living room near the tree or in the backyard, under the veranda or out, on the grass. 

Creating the Christmas Day lunch ideas and menu. The fun part! 

If you look at this task creatively and curiously, not as something you’ve ‘got to do’, it’ll be really enjoyable. Hey, it’s just an excuse to try yummy recipes until you settle on your menu. 

You’ve got three parts to plan: 

  1. The nibbles + drinks 
  2. The main course & sides 
  3. The dessert 

The welcome nibbles.   

You can’t go wrong with the family favourite treats. Go as festive as your can with your snacks table. Christmas-shaped lollies are always fun, but don’t skip potato chips, carrot and dips, gingerbread, cherries and fresh fruit. 

Don’t overlook this set-up. Your guests will keep coming back to it, in-between courses. 

The main course (traditional Christmas lunch, with a twist). 

This is when your fam moves to the gorgeously ‘dressed’ table for Christmas lunch. You’ll have the bon-bons, hats and highchairs set up (with bread and butter, a couple of wine bottles, and holiday decorations. 

The meat options will be the big show of your Christmas lunch. Pick between a whole chicken and turkey, roast pork and lamb. If your family loves seafood (we’re Aussies after all), include prawns and lobster. 

Include a few meat variations, plus vegetarian and vegan options – such as a green bean casserole, glazed roasted cauliflower, vegan lasagne, tofu turkey and quiche Lorraine (with a bacon substitute). Keep these dishes separate so they don’t magically disappear mid-way through. 

Christmas Day Lunch

For your sides, keep them simple but full of flavour. Some ‘sidespiration’ options to keep your main course company include: 

  • Cheesy baked broccoli 
  • Roasted vegetables 
  • Balsamic brussels sprouts 
  • Brown butter mashed potatoes (YUM!) 
  • Spinach maria 
  • Slow-cooked creamed corn 
  • Apple, walnut and cranberry salad 
  • Cheesy bake. 

If you’ve got a few vegan-vegetarians in the house, pick three sides for each diet preference: meat-eater, vegetarian, and vegan. And of course, you can’t forget the gravy. For those eating meat, treat them to your home-made gravy. Collect the juices from the roast, add butter and flour, plus any extra flavourings. Add a dash of salt and red wine, and you’ve got yourself a new title: the gravy queen/king. 

The dessert.    

There’s always room for dessert. Always! Consider making eggnog following this recipe. And for your eggnog loving vegans? Just replace it with coconut milk. And the people who don’t drink? Skip the rum, bourbon and brandy. 

But for the ones who want a little night cap, whisk these ingredients together for a magnificently festive drink: 

  • 1 bottle of whisky (750ml)
  • 900ml of thickened cream
  • 3 cans of condensed milk
  • 3 tbsps of chocolate topping
  • Coconut essence (to taste). 
Christmas Dessert

Oh, right, we said desserts, not just drinkable treats. Are you hungry right now? You will be soon. Give your guests a sugar spike as they’re slowing down, with these ideas: 

With a dash of interest and a sprinkle of ingenuity, your Christmas lunch menu will satisfy all tastebuds and preferences. You can always put an Aussie Christmas lunch ideas spin on this. Plus, it helps, to have quality suppliers with a wide range of options to source from.  

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Oh, and as the host, you get to enjoy the best part… leftovers! 

Shhh, don’t tell your family.