How Migration has Changed our Tastebuds & Australia’s Food Culture

Australia’s palette has always favoured diversity. Yes, there are timeless (and new) Aussie staples, like Vegemite, ‘Bunnings’ snags, meat pies, and smashed avo on toast. Our food takes a little from Europe and a dash from Asia, all the while respecting our bush tucker roots. Now also a wholesale vegan and halal food supplier in Melbourne, we’ve witnessed the transition and embraced the new requests. 

It’s the question on every traveller’s lips: what is Australian food? 

Well, it pays homage to Captain Cook’s 1788 expedition. Ever since, migrants to Australia have packed Grandma’s secret home-cooked recipes to collectively create our multicultural food nation. 

From hearty British Sunday roasts, Chinatowns and Asian food districts, to South American-sourced coffee and delicious gourmet European-inspired pizzas, expats are an important ingredient to our food heritage.

The wellness revolution 

You only have to peruse Instagram for a minute to discover clean, green yogis and wellness advocates, educating us to consider not just what we’re consuming but, the origins of that food. 

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Australia is famous for its outdoor-loving lifestyle and quality produce. 

Healthier options are much more abundant than they were, just a few years ago. Being gluten-intolerant or a celiac used to be a death sentence for the tastebuds. But today, foodies enjoy more alternative options such as gluten-free bread, soy and almond milk, and even vegan icecream. Surprisingly, YUM! 

Where there used to just be V (vegetarian) options, there’s now acronyms like GF (gluten free), P (pescatarian), and V (vegan) on the menu. 

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2.5 million Australians are now vegetarian

Yep, that’s over 12% of the Australian population. And, this statistic is growing, with one new person deciding to eat less meat or go meat-free every five minutes. Experts say it’s the single most powerful thing we can do for animals, the planet, and our health. In the past five years, vegan labelling has almost tripled, as this lifestyle choice rises in popularity. 

Even with diet preferences like veganism, our diverse culture plays an essential role. 

Let’s talk about one specific culture: Indians. The current Australian population is made up of 1.9% of Indians, with 169,802 in Victoria alone. In India, vegetarianism is considered sattvic – which represents purifying the body and mind. This is just one example of an entire slice of our population who are responsible for introducing new variations of non-meat food options. 

Another example of culinary expansion through immigration is halal food. Australia is home to over 604,200 Muslims, which equates to 2.6% of the population. Muslins are only allowed to eat meat that’s been prepared according to the law of Islam. The Arabic word, halal, means lawful or permitted, and culturally acceptable for this group to consume. 

Fresh Halal Pizza’s From Glenroy Bakery

Over the decades since our wholesale bakery was established, we’ve come to the table with a diverse range of wholesale vegan and halal food products for our customers (and theirs) to enjoy. 

‘Travel’, through food. 

Food reveals the important roots of a culture. It’s a door into the lifestyle, traditions and religion of a foreign country and allows us to understand the heritage of the people who left and migrated to Australia. Food is an opportunity to connect, share and educate one another. 

We can use food to bridge two cultures and evolve new traditions. It opens our eyes, as well as allowing the families who migrate a chance to keep their rituals alive. You only have to wander the aisles of Melbourne’s famous culinary markets to see how food connects us. 

Melbourne has imprinted itself as Australia’s gourmet capital and it’s thanks to the city’s cultural diversity. A multicultural melting pot, it’s rumoured that half of its inhabitants were born overseas. The way the city embraces food represents the welcoming philosophy and curiosity of different cultures. 

But this kind of interesting food and alternative choices aren’t just in the markets or waiting to be discovered in a hole-in-the-wall laneway eatery. There are companies who are bringing cultural food all throughout Melbourne’s foodie fabric… starting in cafes, businesses and schools. Operators do this by relying on local wholesale halal and vegan food suppliers

Veganism is more mainstream than radical now.

Today, Australian food is more diverse than ever. As a wholesale bakery in Melbourne, we have dedicated product ranges for Halal, Vegan, and Gluten-Free food. These options are popular, delicious, and easier than ever for customers with halal or vegan requirements to source. Our wholesale vegan products range might surprise you. 

Glenroy Bakery offers certified halal pizza, beef pies, and pasties, as well as halal suitable banana bread, savoury scrolls, and even iced donut rings. Yep, donuts! 

Our Vegan Donuts

As more and more Australians turn to plant-based or alternative diets, we continue to amend our wholesale vegan food offerings to bring delicious food that everyone can enjoy. 

If you’re looking for a wholesale bakery in Melbourne who respects alternative diet choices and cultural groups, call us on (03) 9312 8600. You can also email or fill in your details in this contact form

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