September 13, the ‘eat chocolate guilt free’ day. Here’s how to celebrate it.

The only downside of sinking your teeth into a square of Cadbury chocolate? Guilt! When that chocolate melts on the tongue, nothing else matters. Resisting seconds (and thirds) requires every ounce of commitment… whether it means giving it away, throwing it the freezer, even the bin, just so it’s out of sight. 

Anything, to keep you from breaking off “just one more” square. 

But, what if there’s a day, a full day, where you can eat as much chocolate as you want, without the guilt? No, it’s not your birthday or the holidays. It’s International Chocolate Day, on September 13. 


Yep, you read that right. A full 24 hours to consume whatever chocolatey goodness your tastebuds desire. No guilt, no remorse, no “I must gym, immediately.’ See, there’s no reason to feel guilty on this blessed day because everyone around the world will be taking advantage of it. 

The history of chocolate 

Did you know, humans have been loving chocolate since 450 BC? It was an integral part of the Aztec and Mayan culture. They believed cacao seeds were the god of wisdom and were used as a currency for some time. 

Europeans are to blame (or thank) for deliciously pairing it with milk and sugar, and after the industrial revolution, it became mass produced. Interestingly, while chocolate came from the Americas, 30% of the world’s cocoa production today happens in a small African country of Cote D’Ivoire. 

There’s really no right or wrong way to do chocolate. Cadbury to dark cacao, cookies and mousses to shakes and cakes, chocolate is a universally loved dessert. And it’s only fair that on International Chocolate Day, you try as many of these as possible. 

How to celebrate International Chocolate Day 

Go on a scavenger hunt to find the best chocolate croissant or hedgehog slice? Make chocolate fondue and invite your friends over? Watch Willy Wonka with the kids, sharing a family block of Cadbury? 

There are plenty of ways to celebrate this sweetest of days. You can also buy a chocolate kit and make it at home, as a family. Check if there’s an old chocolate museum nearby and learn about the history and manufacturing processes. Ladies of the house, plan a chocolate spa treatment with your girlfriends. Chocolates are full of antioxidants, which increase the level of collagen and elastin in the skin – two anti-ageing must-haves. The fat and cellulite-fighting theobromine is also present in chocolate. Yes, you read that right, too: chocolate fights fat. 


Another idea is to include a chocolate twist to each recipe you make during the day. Expecting it might be hard to include sweets into all three meals? Just you wait. 

For breakfast, you could whip up banana pancakes with Nutella on top or a chocolate crepe. Come midday, make a refreshing salad with a chocolate-infused dressing (cocoa vinaigrette). Snack on a cheeky cookie, muffin or slice of cake, for your mid-afternoon chocolate hit. 

And before you ask if you can pair cocoa with meat, yes you can. In some cases, it just works, like with steak. It complements the rich flavour of the fatty meat with its bitter nuances. Check out this cocoa rubbed steak with bacon whiskey gravy

While these recipes might seem a little alternative, you’ll have to wait another year to eat chocolate all day, guilt-free. So, extend your palette and see if it’s possible to eat too much chocolate in one day.  

Turn into a chocolate connoisseur with the help of these recipes. Dessert lasagne? Cannoli? Chocolate covered strawberries? You got it! 

Wholesale bakery Melbourne, serving up your chocolate treats 

International Chocolate Day falls on a Sunday this year, so why not order some fresh bakery treats for your family. Sunday is a ‘cheat’ day after all, right? 

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