How Christmas Celebrations Have Changed Over The Years.

The holidays, the silly season, the festive time of year, the two-week break. Whatever you call it, Christmas is magical. The carols and busy shops, with present seekers. The Christmas parades and yearly Home Alone re-runs. It’s the time of year where work slows down and family time ramps up. 

Christmas has that special, anything is possible, feel about it. Where your loved ones come together to share food, gifts, and company. It’s a timeless tradition, adored by all ages (but, especially the kids). 

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All over the world, Christmas is a heart-warming time of year. And yes, even in the southern hemisphere. 

The unique ‘Aussie’ Christmas 

It’s difficult for Americans, Canadians and Europeans to understand just how Aussies ‘do’ Christmas, without the snow and crackling fireplaces. Since the late 1700s, northern hemisphere Christmas traditions have undergone creative transformation in Australia. This meant trading snow for sand, Christmas trees for tropical plants, warm blankets for beach towels. Over time, these tweaks have become what we know as the ‘Aussie’ Christmas today. 

But we didn’t lose all of the features of a northern Christmas. We still have the Christmas trees, cards, stockings, mistletoe, festive crackers, and putting out cookies for Santa and carrots for his ‘reindeers.’ While the Christmas eve movies and shows don’t often have a beach and summer day as a backdrop, Aussies wouldn’t have it any other way. 

The history of Christmas, Aussie style 

Because we’re a multicultural nation, it’s to be expected that Christmas has, and will, continue to evolve. With a diverse mix of beliefs and varying cultural celebrations, the December 25th Christmas traditions have changed over the years. 

Some don’t even celebrate it at all. Many other Australian migrants combine pastimes, with a smorgasbord of Indian, Asian, and ‘Aussie’ foods. 

But British influence remains, with a generous spread of roast meats, mince pies, and Christmas pudding. And of course, advent calendars, Christmas crackers, ginger bread, and all the glorious Christmas food. 

The hot weather has welcomed new additions such as cold ham, turkey, barbeque, and prawns. Whatever’s on the menu, it’s a time to come together and eat delicious food – with guests popping in and out, coordinating various family visits. It’s a day where seconds, thirds and so on, are perfectly fine. 

But, this year’s a little different. 

As the world has spent the best part of 2020 fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, Christmas will undoubtedly be different this year. 

Businesses are coming up with unique ideas to celebrate Christmas with their staff, which allow for social distancing or working from home. 2020 family Christmas celebrations will be quieter this year and involve only our closest friends and families. 

But instead of regretting smaller celebrations, we can look forward to spreading out Christmas celebrations over a longer period. The multi-day Christmas celebrations and ‘open house’ will be lower-key this holiday season that extend your boxing day traditions. 

And that’s okay, because you’ll do it to keep your loved ones safe. 

You can still have Christmas 

This isn’t to say Christmas is cancelled in 2020. It’s just going to require a dash of empathy and creativity. Instead of ruminating over what last year was like, focus on how special and intimate you can make this Christmas. You can take this opportunity to spend the day with your closest people, without all the stresses that come, wrapped in a ‘normal’ Christmas. 

Less driving and stressful mornings getting the kids ready. No last-minute food shopping. Reducing unnecessary present buying. You have to spend this year with the people you hold dearest. This is something to be thankful for. 

Take this opportunity to put a fun, new twist on Christmas Day. 

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