Sprinkles, Chocolate, Jam & Nutella: This is why donuts are a hit today.

Donuts have come a long way since Krispy Krème or Homer Simpson’s endless drooling. While often referenced in pop culture, donuts were that sweet snack that went too quickly. If you were lucky, you got the one with rainbow sprinkles. Otherwise, chocolate icing satisfied – the sausage roll’s complementary opposite. 

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But today, donut making has evolved into an artform, a delicacy. Their colourful tops make them oh-so-Instagrammable, so much so, that now we’re saying, “let’s go out for donuts.” There are donut shops scattered across cities, with each one pushing the limits of what can be done with this little doughy concoction. 

There’s just nothing quite like the experience of choosing, adoring and eating a donut.

The History of Donuts

Sweet tooths, before you start to feel guilty about eating one, there’s a National Doughnut Day on the first Friday of June. So, if you missed that, it’s time to ‘pay your respects.’ This tradition dates back to 1938, in honour of the Salvation Army’s ‘doughnut girls’ who kept spirits high with tasty treats, during WW2. Hundreds of donuts were also given to immigrants, cold and hungry from their long journey. Welcome to America! 

Stacked Jam Donuts At Glenroy Bakery
Freshly Baked Jam Donuts at Glenroy Bakery

Just in case you want another couple of excuses to sink your teeth into this heavenly treat, there are three other doughnut days celebrated in the U.S.A and now going global.

  1. International Jelly-Filled Doughnut Day, June 8 
  2. National Cream-Filled Doughnut Day, September 14 
  3. Buy a Doughnut Day, October 30 

And, it comes as no surprise that there are Guinness World Records of people stuffing their faces, all year. 

  • The tallest stack of donuts measured 110.5 centimetres and included 1764 donuts 
  • The largest box of donuts weighed 135 kilograms 
  • The fastest time to eat a jam donut was 33 seconds 
  • The longest line of donuts was 561.4 metres. 

Talk about a sugar high… 

Doughnuts or Donuts?

Okay, so you’re probably thinking when you jump online, is it ‘donuts Melbourne’ or doughnuts Melbourne? What’s the difference? Well, the official dictionary spelling is ‘doughnut’, but it’s been shortened to ‘donut’ in its 80+ years. With the American chain, Dunkin Donuts, adopting the shaved version, it’s become the most common way to refer to it. The old-fashioned, “I’ll just have a plain one” might still call it doughnut. 

As a wholesale donuts supplier in Melbourne, we can tell you, both are fine to use.  

Types of Donuts

Hungry? Reading this might turn you into Homer. Over the years, the donut has evolved into a food that almost deserves its own meal category. It can be enjoyed at any time throughout the day. Just starting the day? A coffee and glazed donut, thanks. Mid-afternoon snack? A chocolate jam will do. After dinner? Nutella, please! 

Instead of chewing your lips off as we list off every donut variation behind the glass, let’s take you through the essentials: 

  • Mini donuts 
  • Jam donut 
  • Iced donuts – chocolate, pink and pineapple 
  • Chocolate jam donut 
  • Custard donut 
  • Long cream donut 
  • Nutella donut. 
Stacked Cream Filled Donuts At Glenroy Bakery
Freshly Baked Cream Filled Donuts

It’s no wonder back in 2015, Australia experienced a Nutella shortage. The donuts Melbourne craze was now nation-wide. 

When to Eat Donuts… and With What?

There really is no right or wrong way of eating donuts. If you’re choosing a basic donut with no frills (sprinkles, filling or ‘decorations’), it’s just the right amount of sweet, post-savoury. Grab a meat pie or a coffee and enjoy this delightful duo. But if you’re in the mood to ‘be bad’, one of those double-decker works of art should fill you up. Wash that soft dough oozing with jam, down with water and NO-GUILT. 

Donuts usually have a shelf life of 3 days. They don’t stick around long enough for people to store. But if you find yourself getting full or wanting to save some for later (of course), keep covered at room temperature or refrigerated if they’ve got yummy cream filling. So, just grab a deep Tupperware container and come back to it, within the next day or two. 

The Snack for Every Event.

Just like chips are always a party favourite, donuts are a great choice for the dessert table. Whether you’re planning a fundraiser, corporate event or party, donuts are a crowd favourite. Sit them next to a pile of napkins and the dessert table is complete – unless they’re custard, in which you’ll need to keep these delights refrigerated. 

Meet Your Wholesale Donuts Melbourne Supplier

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Freshly Baked Donuts at Glenroy Bakery

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Now, what’s your favourite donut flavour?