Why Is Everyone Going Crazy For Potato Buns?

The burger has come a long way in recent years. It’s no longer just a simple plain burger bun, with meat and cheese. Once a fast-food snack, today’s burger is now also an artisan product, with tasty replacements for those traditional staples… mushroom, sliced avocado, relish, lime mayo, caramelised onion, fried egg, pineapple, and kimchi. 

It’s not just the toppings that have evolved with demand – the buns have, too. And there’s one type of bun that’s transforming the burger experience: the potato bun. 

What is a Potato Roll? 

Our potato burger buns combine wheat and potato flour, water, sugar, canola oil, yeast, salt, and soya flour, topped with sesame seeds. The hero ingredient, as the name implies, is potato. 

The potato gives the buns a sponge-like texture, making them a chef’s favourite. While potato in a bun might come as a surprise, it’s an age-old recipe. If you’ve never had a potato roll, now is the time. Get ready for the airy, lightness that makes them one of the best rolls. 

Freshly Baked Potato Buns & Rolls At Glenroy Bakery Melbourne

Because potatoes contain potassium, the buns rise quicker than those breads with only wheat inside. The moist texture comes from the potato starch and its ability to absorb more water. The potato also gives it a longer shelf life, as the starch molecules protect it from going stale. 

Taste & Nutritional Benefits of Potato Bun

The potato bun craze isn’t only due to it being a joy to bake (and store). These golden, soft, light as a feather buns are a downright delicious bun choice. When you’re loading up a burger with a party of ingredients, the bun shouldn’t overpower. Potato hamburger buns are slightly sweet but won’t interfere with the overall experience of the ingredients. 

The texture melts in your mouth and highlights the taste of the meat, cheese, and extras. Because of its moist texture, the sauces absorb into the bun, making it tasty by itself. This bun type is also easier to digest, so you won’t feel that uncomfortable fullness after a meal. 

Potato buns are a good source of:

  • Carbohydrates
  • Dietary Fibre
  • Protein
  • Vitamin D
  • Calcium
  • Iron. 

Great For Making Epic Burgers 

Potato rolls are mostly used for burgers but you can also enjoy them plain with a brush of butter or garlic on top and serve them as a dinner side. Cut these buns in half and make mini burgers or serve as a side with soup. There’s a place for potato buns in every meal. 

Vegan Potato Buns For All to Enjoy 

There’s never been more bun choices for burgers. While each style has its own place, the potato bun will remain a timeless favourite. It’s the perfect way to package a burger when you want to focus on the strength of the ingredients. 

You won’t be overwhelmed by doughy, chewy, heavy bread. Source beautifully-made buns for your burgers and creative kitchen concoctions.  As a wholesale bakery in Melbourne, we supply potato buns to cafes, schools, food trucks, burger joints, event caterers, and businesses, as well as the general public. 

Our speciality is vegan potato buns and our bakers have been told they’re the best in Melbourne. We also deliver fresh bakery goods daily to hospitals, aged care facilities, sports clubs, stadiums, bakeries, convenience stores, and caterers. 

Order your potato buns online or call us to speak to our bakers about your specific wholesale order requirements.