Choosing the Best Buns for your Burgers

When it comes to putting together the perfect burger, the bun is the most important part. The quality of the ingredients you fill it with helps, but without a good bun, it just doesn’t have that same bite. 

The simple three-ingredient burger has evolved a lot in the past few years. Burger making is now an artform, an experimental culinary endeavour, pushing the limits of what was once possible with this delicious type of food. 

Burger Buns
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The bun, which makes up half the burger, is vital. With the multitude of ways to craft a burger, it’s good to know the different bun options you have at hand. From the soft, pillowy cushion of a bun to the solid and crunchy style, make an epic burger by pairing it well. 

The most influential burger in different countries across the world 

Dating back to the 18th century (when it was made famous in New York thanks to German immigrants), the hamburger is going through its own renaissance – with today’s chefs and cooks getting more creative with the classic burger than ever before. 

Every country has its own take on burgers. In Germany, there’s the hamburg steak while in Mexico, it’s their hamburguesas Mexicanas. Australia and New Zealand love burgers ‘with the lot.’ In East Asia, you’ll find rice burgers and in India, vegetable burgers. Denmark’s ‘steak sandwich’, the bøfsandwich, is popular, but Serbians ask for pljeskavica (a patty with a mixture of pork, beef, and lamb). The donkey burger is common in China, the shami kebab burger in Pakistan, and the hot hamburg sandwich in Canada. 

The burger is so much more than a few ingredients slapped together in a bun. 

Burger buns that give the ingredients all the attention 

When deciding which bun best suits your burger, consider the ingredients. What’s the hero ingredient? Beef or chicken? Portobello mushroom, veggie, or black bean? Turkey or wild salmon? 

Are you crafting a short stack or high tower burger? Are you going for the simplicity of a patty, tomato/lettuce, bun trio, or for visual impact, with a grandiose Instagrammable burger where bigger is better? This will help direct your burger bun choice. 

Brioche buns 

What makes brioche different from most buns is the buttery, soft texture, and sweetness. Once a dessert staple, brioche has made its way into the burger scene for its subtle sweet addition to the savoury ingredients. Brioche buns belong with fried chicken, pulled pork or veggie burgers. 

Freshly Baked Brioche Buns at Glenroy Bakery Melbourne

Potato buns 

Potato buns are served up with the classic American-style burger. This bun type is strong and sturdy, while soft and a delight to eat. For those juicy, hold-tight burgers with the sauce running down your hands, potato buns keep it together. When you want to show off the flavour of the ingredients inside, go for a potato bun. 

Potato Buns
Freshly Made Potato Buns and Rolls at Glenroy Bakery

Milk buns 

Light yet sturdy, crusty, and sponge-like, milk buns have become a burger lover’s favourite. The milk bun absorbs the juice from the meat and sauce, without turning into a soggy mess. It’s more savoury than sweet (compared to the brioche burger buns), offering a delicious balance of flavours.  

Kaiser rolls 

A crusty, crisp round roll, Kaiser buns originate from Austria but are loved worldwide for burgers. It’s harder on the outside but soft inside, and sometimes topped with seeds. Kaiser rolls are smaller than other rolls, but can still hold a meat patty well. 

Sesame seed buns 

The crunchy, flavourful sesame seeds on top of buns make even a standard burger more interesting. The seeds add a subtle nutty taste and give burgers an artisan look. 

Beyond the various bun styles, the size might also determine your preference. You might be looking for a specific size, such as four or five inch. Consider the ingredients, the burger you want to make (or sell), and where people will be eating it. 

Whichever style you go for, get ready for the perfectly golden baked burger bun to house your ingredients. 

Melbourne’s best burger buns, made fresh daily 

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